Review of Local Laws

Published on Thursday, 7 April 2022 at 7:56:29 AM

Review of Local Laws

Section 3.16 of the Local Government Act 1995

The Shire of Ashburton has commenced a review of the following Local Laws –

  • Activities on Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2013
  • Cemeteries Local Law 2013
  • Dogs Local Law 2012
  • Extractive Industries Local Law 2013
  • Fencing Local Law 2014
  • Health Local Law 2013
  • Local Government Property Local Law 2013
  • Local Law Relating to Control of Cats 1998
  • Local Law Relating to the Management and Control of Public Swimming Pools 1998
  • Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2013
  • Standing Orders Local Law 2012


Copies of these Local Laws may be inspected or obtained at the Shire Administration Office at Lot 246 Poinciana Street, Tom Price WA 6751, during normal office hours, or from the Shire of Ashburton website (


Submissions about the Local Laws may be made to the Shire by 4:00 pm on Friday 3 June 2022.


Kenn Donohoe
Chief Executive Officer