Effluent Disposal/Septic Applications

Required Documents

  • Completed Septic-Application Form.
  • Copy of the plan and specifications of the proposed apparatus, showing the top and longitudinal section to a scale of not less than 1:50.
  • Copy of a site plan of the premises, to a scale not less than 1:100, showing:
    • The position of all buildings erected or proposed and the position of the proposed and any existing apparatus including setback distances.
    • The position, type and proposed use of all fixtures intended to discharge into the apparatus.
    • The position and setback distances of all drains, pipes, inspection openings, vents, traps and junctions in relation to buildings and boundaries.
    • The size of pipes and fittings and the fall of the drains.
    • Details of the proposed and any existing effluent disposal system and its setback distances to buildings, boundaries and trafficable areas.
    • The source of water supply to be used in connection with the apparatus if premises is not supplied by a non-reticulated mains supply.
  • Copy of a contract for effluent removal if the system is a holding tank.
  • Email all documents to [email protected].

Fees and Charges

Payment of fees are required prior to assessment, this includes the application fee, the permit to use fee and a local government report fee if applicable. If the business is not currently registered in our financial system, then we require you to fill out the New Customer form before we can issue an invoice.

Approval to construct

Once the fees are paid, the Environmental Health Officer will review your application and either issue the approval to construct if under 540ltrs/day or will create a local government report for the Department of Health to evaluate. Your approval to construct will then come from them.

Permit to Use

Once installed you need to notify [email protected] so the Environmental Health Officer can inspect the installation and issue the Permit to Use.