Ratepayer information

Following adoption of the annual Budget at the beginning of each financial year, Council will issue rate assessment notices. This is an account for your annual rates, but also provides information about the property values used to calculate the rates on your property. Income from rates allows Council to proceed with works approved in the Budget.

A ratepayer may elect to pay rates in full, in two instalments, or in four instalments by simply completing the appropriate section on the notice and submitting that with the first instalment payment.

Payment in full or the first instalment must be paid within 35 days of the issue of the rate notice.

A late payment interest (11%pa calculated daily) charge will apply to any amount that is overdue 36 days after the rate notice is issued. Instalment administration fees and interest charges are applicable to ratepayers who elect to use the instalment plan. The fee is incurred to cover the cost of additional work in administering the instalment plan.

Formal procedures for collection of unpaid rates, including prosecution where necessary, apply where ratepayers do not meet their obligations.

Differential Rates

Submissions are invited from electors and ratepayers in respect of the proposed rates, minimum payment and any related matters by 12:00 noon Friday 14 June 2019.

Submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 567, Tom Price WA 6751 or via email [email protected]

Notice of Intention of Levy Differential Rates 2019/20

Information From The Valuer General

Landgate has recently received enquiries from Local Governments regarding a ratepayer’s right to lodge a written objection within 60 days of the date of issue of a Rate Notice.

To ensure ratepayers can access the required information, Landgate suggests Local Governments may choose to include this information and a link from their websites.
To lodge a formal objection against rating and taxing valuations, ratepayers can visit the Landgate website.


Valuations of properties within the Shire have been supplied by the Valuer General which is the responsibility of the State Government. The Shire has no say in how your property is valued.

An objection against a valuation must be lodged with the Valuer General or at the Shire Offices within 42 days of receiving a Rate Assessment Notice. The lodgement of an objection does not alter the obligation to pay the full amount of rates by the date specified in the assessment notice.

Pensioner / Senior Rates Subsidies

Eligible Pensioners / Seniors who wish to avail themselves of the Government's rate rebate scheme must pay the required portion of the rates within the particular year for which the rates were levied. The Government will pay the balance of the rates to the Council. Please note that Council’s Rubbish Charge is not subject to the rebate and must be paid in full.

When claiming the rebate, Pensioners / Seniors are required by the Government to present their current concession card. Pensioners who do not wish to take advantage of the rebate may still continue to defer payment of rates as in the past. The deferment option is not available for Seniors

Those people who think they may be eligible should contact the Rates Officer as soon as possible for full details.