Public Question Time

The Shire is committed to involving the public in the decision-making processes that affect the local community. 

The Local Government Act 1995, Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 and Shire of Ashburton Standing Orders Local Law 2012 all refer to public question time. Public question time is specifically provided for in Council Meetings, Special Council Meetings, Annual General Meeting of Electors and Committee Meeting agendas.

Please note that public question time is only provided for in Committee meeting agenda's, if a Committee has been delegated a power or duty. At a Special Council Meeting any question put, must relate to the business of that meeting.

Public question time is always dealt with before any general or specific business of a meeting, where a formal decision of the Council or Committee is required.

To submit a public question, please use the form below. Alternately, download this form to submit your question Public Question Time Submission Form

Before submitting a question, please be aware of the guidelines Public Question Time Guidelines

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