Pannawonica was Gazetted as a town in 1972 and today has a population of 700. It is a 'closed town', a term used by mining companies to describe towns where facilities are limited for visitors and accommodation is reserved for mining staff.

Tourists are welcome to visit the town but cannot stay on a long term or permanent basis.

The Boot Tree

The Boot Tree has become a local tradition in Pannawonica. When people leave town permanently they leave their boots behind.

Pannawonica has a well equipped primary school as well as a daycare centre and playgroup. The medical centre has a visiting doctor.

The town's facilities include a post office, library, supermarket, milk bar, tavern and hotel, sportsmen's club, bank agencies and a service station. The public swimming pool is a popular spot during summer, as is the open air cinema which is free of charge.

The police officers based at Pannawonica supervise an area of approximately 33,800 square kilometres.