Proposed change of name - Barlee Range Nature Reserve

Published on Monday, 28 November 2022 at 1:47:57 PM

The Shire has received a request for comment from Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) regarding a proposed name change for the Barlee Range Nature Reserve (DBCA managed nature reserve) located within the Thudgari determined native title area.

The proposed name change comes from Kulyamba Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC on behalf of the Thudgari People who wish to rename the reserve to the traditional name: Jidadarbundi Nature Reserve.

Pronounced: Jira-da-bundi.

The Jidadarbundi is a small black lizard only present in the Barlee Range. From an aerial view the range looks like a lizard. The tail end of the lizard/of the range extends to Mt Augustus.

The range is a sacred place to the Thudgari people as it is part of a Dreamtime Story:

“The story is that the Jidadarbundi ate women and that therefore the ancestors killed it by chopping off its head.

They then cut out one side of the backbone, opened up the lizard and took out the body of a woman, but left behind the women's breasts on the left side of the mouth of the goanna. The woman's breasts created the two hills of the Range.”

For further information and if you wish to provide comment or make a submission, please email Jack Hunter at [email protected] prior to 26/12/2022.

Alternatively, please contact Simon Choo (from DBCA) at [email protected].

Further information regarding geographical naming/ renaming can be found at the link below:

Geographic Names Committee - Landgate (