Firebreak Notice 2022

Published on Sunday, 30 October 2022 at 12:22:20 PM

Notice to the Owner or Occupier of Land

Pursuant to the powers contained in Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, you are hereby required on or before the 1st day of January, (or within fourteen days of  becoming owner or occupier of land should this be after the 1st day of January), to clear and maintain mineral earth breaks and reduce the fuel load from the land owned or occupied by you as specified hereunder and to have the specified land and firebreaks clear of all flammable material all year round.


(1) Land in Townsites:

1.1 Where the area of land is 2000 square metres (approximately 1/2 an acre) or less, all flammable material should be reduced over the whole of the land. Grasses can be slashed, to a height no more than 75 mm.

1.2 Where the area of land exceeds 2000 square metres, firebreaks of at least three metres in width should be cleared of all flammable material immediately inside and along the boundaries of the land.  Where there are buildings on the land additional firebreaks three metres in width shall be cleared immediately surrounding each building.


(2)   Land outside Townsites:

2.1 Two firebreaks should surround all buildings on land that is outside townsites, not less than three metres wide and cleared of all flammable material. The inner firebreak is to be not more than twenty metres from the perimeter of the building or group of buildings and the outer firebreak not less than 100 metres from the inner firebreak.

2.2 If it is considered for any reason to be impractical to clear firebreaks or remove flammable material as required by this notice, you may apply to the Council or its duly authorised Officern no later than the 30th day of September 2017, for permission to provide firebreaks in alternative positions or take alternative action to remove or abate fire hazards.  If permission is not granted by Council or its duly authorised Officer, you must comply with the requirement of this notice.

 “Flammable material” does not include green growing trees or green growing plants in gardens.

If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must comply with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act. No fires are to be lit without a valid permit.

The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine of $1000. A person in default is also liable, whether prosecuted or not, to pay cost of performing the work directed in this notice, if it is not carried out by the owner or occupier by the date required by this notice.


K Donohoe

Chief Executive Officer