Trading in Public Places

The revised Trading in Public Places Policy was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council 13 August 2019.

The objectives of the revised policy was to;

  • Establish the difference between ‘Town Centre’ and the ‘Rest of Shire’ areas for the purposes of assessing traders permits and to provide rationale for the difference between the two types of permits and the associated fees;
  • Regulate the level and intensity of trader activity on road reserves and other public places to ensure that the primary purpose and use of these locations is retained and protected;
  • Manage traders in a sustainable way that allows for the ongoing provision of goods and services that promotes community vitality and satisfaction;
  • Avoid the creation of adverse traffic, pedestrian and general public safety conditions;
  • Ensure the operation of traders on Shire land or in public places is carried out in accordance with the Shire’s Local Laws.

The Shire is confident the adopted Trading in Public Places Policy now provides clear guidelines for our stallholder, mobile and itinerate traders as well as providing support and good management to a range of activities that occur within the Shire to benefit and sustain a vibrant community.

Trading Location Maps

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