Shire of Ashburton celebrates completion of Onslow Water Tanks project

Published on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 4:20:37 PM

Western Australian Jerome Davenport was appointed as the preferred artist to complete the Onslow Water Tank Mural Project earlier this year.

Shire of Ashburton President Kerry White hosted stakeholders and invited guests at an event at Onslow Airport this week to celebrate the completion of the project.

“I am incredibly proud of the outcome achieved on our water tanks and commend and acknowledge the efforts of all involved in this project.

“The project was initiated by Council’s vision to showcase what makes Onslow such a unique place to live”, acknowledged Councillor White.

“Our intention for the mural was to involve themes of Onslow’s community, history and a reflection of its past to modern day, that considers our indigenous heritage, pearling and agriculture industries, and the stories that make Onslow the authentic coastal town it is today.

“Jerome was selected to complete the Onslow Water Tank Mural Project based on his interpretation of our vision, drawing inspiration from the natural balance between beauty and decay, and way of interpreting Onslow’s history and those moments in time that we wanted to forever capture.

“With Onslow’s extensive history, the water tank murals will highlight to existing and new members of our community, visitors, and travellers, the different facets of the region that make the town what it is today.

“I would like to acknowledge all involved in bringing this project to fruition, my fellow Councillors, Shire officers, Water Corporation, Regional Arts WA, Element Advisory and the Community Artwork Reference working Group for their contributions, time and vision that facilitated the process and delivered a highly successful outcome.

“We are all so proud of what has been achieved.”

Water Corporation’s North-West Regional Manager, Sharon Broad said that the completion of the Onslow Water Tank Murals was a milestone in Water Corporation’s relationship with the Shire of Ashburton and the Onslow community and it all started seven years ago with an idea to transform the local water tanks into incredible works of art, adding to the rich Pilbara landscape of the region

“The tanks have always remained a prominent feature in Onslow, and we’re delighted to have supported the Shire’s vision to transform these into beautiful works of art that showcase the rich culture and unique identity of the Onslow community”, acknowledge Ms Broad.

“I think everyone can agree that Jerome and the Artwork Selection Working Group have done an incredible job showcasing the things that make Onslow a special place to live, work and visit”.

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