Crocodile Sighting Front Beach Onslow

Published on Friday, 24 March 2023 at 2:20:07 PM

There has been a confirmed crocodile sighting at Front Beach in Onslow this morning, Friday 24 March 2023.

Residents and visitors to the area are advised that Front Beach will be closed for a 24-hour period until 7am tomorrow morning and are urged to take care in surrounding coastal and river areas.

While crocodiles aren’t common in the Pilbara, they do sometimes frequent the region. It is possible the crocodile has moved on, but people should continue to be vigilant.

Signage warning visitors of a crocodile risk will remain in place over the next few days.

Parks and Wildlife Service rangers will continue to respond to any further reported sightings and patrol the area. People are urged to be cautious and stay well away from the beach.

Your safety is your responsibility, always BE CROCWISE  

  • CROCS MOVE AROUND: They can be found in any waterway.
  • CROCS ARE DEADLY: Crocodiles are dangerous and attacks can be fatal.
  • BE CROCWISE: Don’t become complacent.

 Please report any crocodile sightings to DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service Karratha on (08) 9182 2000.

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