CEO Kenn Donohoe resigns after four and a half years of service at the Shire of Ashburton

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 9:00:00 AM

The Shire of Ashburton is saddened to announce the resignation of our Chief Executive Officer, Kenn Donohoe, after four and a half years of service. Appointed to the role in early 2020, Kenn has led the organisation with exemplary leadership, innovation and achievements, felt throughout the community and entire organisation.

This announcement relates to health issues. Having dealt with an osteomyelitis infection for the past 12 months, Kenn requires further treatment. For the betterment of the organisation and his family, he has decided to relocate to Perth to prioritise his health and wellbeing.

Throughout his tenure, Kenn has been influential in building a robust and resilient organisation. His dedication and leadership have greatly contributed to our success, both in achieving organisational milestones and fostering stakeholder and community accomplishments. His expertise and focus on governance have ensured the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

President Smith, on behalf of Council, acknowledges his remarkable service and passion for local government.  

“It is with great sadness that I announce the resignation of our CEO, Kenn Donohoe.

“Over the past four years, Kenn has been an exceptional leader, guiding the Shire through significant changes and successfully delivering key initiatives in line with the Council’s goals. His performance has consistently exceeded expectations, as he built strong stakeholder relationships and met all KPIs set by the Council. Our community has greatly benefited from his wealth of expertise and passionate advocacy.

“Kenn has always provided strong, fearless, and impartial advice to the Council, informing our decision-making with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in accordance with our values. We are deeply grateful for his contributions and respect the complexities of an ever-changing environment.

“Kenn has also been instrumental in supporting and developing an incredible team of talented staff at the Shire. Many have seen their careers flourish under his thoughtful, encouraging, and strategic leadership. He leaves the Shire well-prepared, with a strong new executive leadership team and strategies in place to guide best practices for service delivery, including a renewed focus on community and customer experience.

“Kenn will be sorely missed by both the Council and the organisation. He departs with our full gratitude, respect, trust, and friendship. We wish Kenn and his family all the very best for the future,” expressed President Smith.

Kenn’s leadership and influence have left a profound legacy, and it has been an honour for those who have worked alongside him professionally. On behalf of the Shire of Ashburton, we extend our best wishes for his next chapter and a speedy recovery.

Mr Kenn Donohoe’s last day of service will be October 6, 2024, with Ashburton Shire Council advertising the CEO position in the coming weeks.


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