Online Form - Tom Price Sporting Working Group Nomination Form

Join the Tom Price Sporting Working Group and be part of shaping the future of sports and recreation in our community.

The purpose of the Tom Price Sporting Working Group (the Group) is to:
1. Provide guidance to sport and recreation issues within the Tom Price
Sporting precinct (Tom Price Oval and Minna Oval);

2. Provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to sport and recreation
within the town of Tom Price, including the identification of issues and
opportunities and ensuring equitable access to sport and recreation
opportunities for all members of the community; and

3. Provide direction on all matters relating to the clubs and facilities.

Please fill out the form. Nominations close Wednesday March 6, 2024.

Are you willing to actively contribute to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner? Please elaborate on your approach to meaningful contribution.
Do you have the capacity to represent and commit to the Group for the required term of two years, aligning with the Council Ordinary Election cycle? Please explain your availability and commitment to this term
If selected for the Tom Price Sporting Working Group, you will be required to provide an endorsement letter from the organisation/s you are representing within 3 weeks. Please acknowledge this process.