Onslow Seawater Desalination Plant (Closed)

To secure Onslow’s long-term water future, Water Corporation plans to construct a seawater desalination plant in Onslow. This proposal will result in the town having an additional source of drinking water that is climate independent. It will provide security of water supply for Onslow. The design process has started, and Water Corporation are currently asking for further feedback, with a view to submitting a final proposal for environmental approval.

Onslow Desal Plant

What is being proposed?

  • Reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant located on land north of Beadon Creek Road in Onslow.
  • Intake and outfall pipeline(s) in Beadon Bay. The design of the pipeline(s), including the length, is still being investigated.
  • Water tank and pumping station.
  • A 2.9 kilometre below-ground pipeline to Water Corporation tanks, where the water will be connected to Onslow’s water supply.

Why is the desalination plant needed?

To provide a secure water service for Onslow, an additional water source is needed to supplement the town’s water supply.

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Water Corporation would appreciate your feedback on this proposal by 4 December 2020 via the contact details provided below.

Impacts on your community

Visual impacts and noise

The proposed plant will be a noticeable change to the Beadon Bay surroundings. Water Corporation plan to consult with the community regarding ways they can reduce the visible impact of the plant.
They also plan to be a good neighbour by using effective noise control engineering to limit noise.

Beach access and boating

The marine pipelines will be located within Beadon Bay, limiting the impact on the beach system. Water Corporation expect that the beach will remain open for most of the construction period.
Due to the shallow nature of Beadon Bay, the addition of the proposed pipeline infrastructure will result in a localised navigational hazard. They plan to design the pipeline infrastructure to minimise the nature of the hazard as much as possible, as well install buoys or navigational markers at the end of the pipe(s).

Small footprint

The proposed desalination plant is very small compared with other desalination facilities in Western Australia. For example, the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant produces 123 million litres of water per day, compared with up to 2 million litres per day for this proposed plant. The small scale of the plant is allowing Water Corporation to customise the design of the plant to minimise the impacts on the environment.

Brine stream

Baseline environmental investigations
Water Corporation have investigated the seabed habitats, the sediments and the water quality in Beadon Bay. The results of these investigations indicate that the proposed plant will have a minimal impact on the marine environment.

How is this project funded?

This project will be financed by Chevron Australia, through funding provided to Department of Jobs, Training, Science and Innovation as part of the State Development Agreement (2011). This funding was to provide a new water source for Onslow, as well as upgrades to the existing source.

Find out more and have your say

Water Corporation will continue to keep the community and stakeholders updated as they progress their planning.

You can find out more information at www.watercorporation.com.au/Outages-and-works/Ongoing-Works/Onslow-Desalination-Plant. Contact their Community Engagement team to ask questions, provide feedback on the proposal and/or register to keep updated via email [email protected] or phone 9420 2231.