Environmental Health

Environmental Health covers an extremely wide field. The Shire of Ashburton's Environmental Health Services section is responsible for the assessment and management of risks to public health, safety and well being, with the aim to create and maintain environments that promote good public health.

To discuss an Environmental health issue please contact 9188 4444 or alternatively please email health@ashburton.wa.gov.au

The following are some of the areas covered by Environmental Health:

Water Sampling

  • Amoebic Meningitis Precautions
  • Food Sampling
  • Inspections
  • Foreign Objects
  • Food Poisoning
  • Sewerage - Septic Tanks and Effluent Disposal
  • Pest Management
  • Mosquitoes
  • Australian Encephalitis
  • Immunisation
  • Noise
  • Parties and Functions
  • Local Laws
  • Environmental Health Approvals
  • Aboriginal Communities
  • Waste Disposal Sites
  • Dust

Environmental Health Approvals

Environmental Health Approvals are required for a wide range of activities that may also require other approvals such as building or town planning.

Examples of Environmental Health Approvals include:

  • Installing or changing an existing effluent disposal system (ie septic tank)
  • Establishing or structurally changing a food premises
  • To operate a fund raising stall, selling food from a stall or food vehicle
  • To operate as an itinerant food vendor or street trader
  • To establish an offensive trade
  • Any business or activity likely to create a nuisance
  • Hairdressing, Beauty and Skin penetration premises

If in doubt find out by telephoning the Shire and requesting a copy of the guidelines and application forms.

Note: It is illegal to prepare food in a domestic kitchen, other than jams or pickled onions, which is for sale to the public or to a food premises.