St John’s Ambulance Volunteers Call For a New Tom Price Hospital to Ease the Load

Published on Tuesday, 26 March 2024 at 11:37:32 AM

Tom Price mums are calling on the Minister for Health to uphold her commitment to deliver the new Tom Price Hospital, promised by the Government three years ago.

The lack of adequate medical facilities has put an increasing burden on hospital staff and St John’s Ambulance volunteers, who are completing 160km round trips to Paraburdoo Airport almost every day, so that those needing urgent care have access to a hospital that is able to treat them.

Emily Bartholomew, a St John’s volunteer and Tom Price mum, stressed how critical this lack of basic healthcare is.

‘If we have anything more than a Band-Aid worthy, we have to be flown out to either Port Hedland or Perth, which puts a lot of pressure on families.’

To the Minister for Health, Ms Bartholomew had this to say: ‘Deliver on what you promised and can we please have our hospital for all the families here – and tourists. We suddenly double in size here in the tourist season. It’s a joke of how our hospital is with how many people we have in this town.’  

This renewed plea comes with the backing of Shire President Audra Smith, who stated how difficult it has been to ascertain a response from the Minister.

‘We deserve the same level of investment from the Government as metropolitan areas receive. It is simply unfair the distances and the stress – both financial and emotional – that our young families have to go through just to be healthy. We need our community to feel safe at home,’ President Smith said.

The Tom Price community demands that the State Government deliver on its promise and is committed to advocating until the new hospital is built, for sick kids and for basic medical needs. A petition is being circulated to emphasise this message to the State Government and to deliver on their promise.


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