Residents advised to be wary of wild dogs in the Shire

Published on Thursday, 17 March 2022 at 11:05:17 AM

Paraburdoo residents are advised to be vigilant when walking their pets on the outskirts of town as the Shire has recently received a number of reports of people being approached by wild dogs.

The term wild dog collectively refers to dingoes, feral domestic dogs, and hybrids between the two, all of which are classified as the same species.

Our Ranger Services team is aware of numerous recent sightings and encounters with wild dogs in Paraburdoo and in addition to their regular monitoring, will be commencing both early morning and night patrols in an effort to remove problematic dogs.

Community members are advised to be vigilant and aware of their surrounding environment.

Please direct any questions, concerns or requests regarding wild dogs to the Shire Ranger Services via!/2

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