Onslow Mosquito Fogging Update

Published on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at 4:00:00 PM

Onslow residents are advised that fogging will be taking place between 6pm-8pm and 5am-7am as required.

The new fogger has now been calibrated and will be used during the above times, weather permitting.

Residents are advised that fogging can be toxic to cats, reptiles and aquatic organisms and humans should take the precaution of avoiding direct exposure to the fog where possible, keeping their cats indoors and covering outdoor fishponds during fogging.

Beekeepers with hives in residential areas are requested to notify the location of their hives by emailing [email protected].

Fogging will continue in accordance with our mosquito management plan and take place accordingly.

For more information about mosquito prevention around your home and property, visit https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/ 

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