Development Applications

Development within the Shire is guided by the Planning and Development Act 2005, Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 and the Shire of Ashburton Local Planning Scheme No. 7. The Shire has also developed a number of supporting policies to encourage orderly and proper planning within the unique character of the Shire.  

Our Local Planning Scheme regulates land uses in the Shire.  

Shire of Ashburton Local Planning Scheme No. 7

Our Local Planning Policies supplement the Local Planning Scheme and may outline development requirements or exemptions to development approvals.

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage - Online Mapping Tool - PlanWA will help you find out a great deal of information about your property, including size and zoning.  


If you are unsure about whether your development or land use will require a Development Application;

Please contact the Town Planning Team at the Shire - (08) 9188 4444 or [email protected] 

How do I apply for Development Approval?

The following material, in support of your development application, must be lodged along with your submission. Provision of complete and correct information at lodgement can reduce delays as assessment of your development application may not be carried out until all information is received.

The Shire's Development Application Lodgement Guide and Development Application Checklist should be used to assist you in preparing your Development Application.

The following items must be lodged as part of your application:

  • Application for Development Approval (required for all applications)
  • Additional Information for Advertisement (required in addition to above for all Advertisement Development Applications)
  • Land owners consent and supporting documentation
  • Neighbours Consent Letter (to be used for R-code applications e.g. carport, patio, sheds)
  • Planning report describing the proposal, including photographs
  • Plans and drawings including site Plan, floor plans, elevations
  • Any specialist reports required in support of your application (e.g. traffic impact, acoustic report)
  • Application fee (please refer to Fees & Charges)

Development Applications can be lodged in person over the counter at any of the Shire offices, electronically or by mail.

Please contact Development Services on (08) 9188 4444 for any further queries.

For all home based business development applications please review the process and documentation on the Home Based Business page.