Building Services

Building Services

The Shire of Ashburton's Building Services Department ensures buildings, both existing and proposed, are compliant with the Building Code of Australia and related associated Australian Standards. These regulations exist to ensure acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety and health and amenity are maintained in all building work within the Built Environment. The Building Services Department is responsible for administering and enforcing building regulations to avert or minimise the risk of danger from sub-standard building work.

This applies to both Certified and Uncertified applications, Demolition and Occupancy Permits. For further information contact Shire's Building Services Department on 9188 4444 or [email protected]

Verge Security Bonds

Please be advised that the Shire of Ashburton has recently adopted the practice of imposing verge security bonds in relation to the issue of Building Permits. The reason for this is that the cost of repair and/ reinstatement to damaged street infrastructure as a result of construction being undertaken on adjacent lots is no longer sustainable.

The bond required to be submitted is:

Security Deposit Residential (including B/G swimming pools) $3060 N/A
Security Deposit Group Development (5 x or more), Commercial & Industrial $10,200 N/A
Site Inspection Fee $155.50 N/A

To avoid delays in the approval process, the Shire of Ashburton will include the bond and inspection fee amount on the invoice after submission of your Building Permit application.

Included with the issued Building Permit will be an application for refund form with the required particulars already inserted. This can simply be signed and dated by the Builder for return to Council’s Infrastructure Services upon completion of construction for a refund of the bond held. Only the bond will be refunded upon final inspection where no damage is observed.  The inspection fee will be retained by the Shire.

Additional Notes

  • The bond can only be paid by the Builder and refunded to the Builder
  • A site inspection will be undertaken by the Shire’s Technical Services Department at the time of permit issue, with photographs taken and stored for future reference
  • On receipt of an application for refund, an additional site inspection will be undertaken and if no damaged is observed, a refund will be authorised.

If you have any queries relating to the information above please do not hesitate to contact the Shire via 9188 4444 or [email protected]

Accepted Building Classes

Building Classes
Class 1 A single dwelling being a detached house or one or more attached dwellings.
Class 1A Boarding/guest house or hostel not exceeding 300m2 and not more than 12 people reside.
Class 1B Which is not located above or below another dwelling or another Class of building other than a private garage.
Class 2 A building containing 2 or more sole occupancy units each being a separate dwelling.
Class 3 A resident building, other than a Class 1 or 2, which is common place of long term or transient living for a number of unrelated persons.
Class 4 A dwelling in a building that is Class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 if it is the only dwelling in the building.
Class 5 An office building used for professional or commercial purposes, excluding buildings of Class 6, 7, 8 or 9.
Class 6 A shop or other building for the sale of goods by retail or the supply of services direct to the public.
Class 7 A building which is a car park or for storage, or display of goods or produce for sale by wholesale.
Class 8 A laboratory, or a building in which a handicraft or process for the production, assembling, altering, repairing, packing, finishing, or cleaning of goods or produce is carried on for trade, sale or gain.
Class 9 A building of a public nature.
Class 9A A health care building.
Class 9B An assembly building in a primary or secondary school, but excluding any other parts of the building that are of another class.
Class 9C An aged care building.
Class 10 A non-habitable building or structure.
Class 10A A private garage, carport, shed or the like.
Class 10B A structure being a fence, mast, antenna, retaining or free standing wall, swimming pool or the like.

Certified Applications

The Building Act 2011 (The Building Act) introduces certified applications for all permits. This is a process where a registered building surveyor checks the plans and specifications of a proposed or an existing building. The building surveyor will complete and sign a certificate of compliance confirming the proposed or existing building complies with the applicable building standards. An application can then be made to the relevant permit authority, in this case the Shire of Ashburton.

In most cases, the permit authority is the relevant local government. The permit authority then assesses the application to ensure it complies with all other legislative requirements such as town planning. When these requirements have been met, the permit is issued.

The process will be much quicker and more effective if a complete application is submitted to the permit authority. However, if information is missing, the permit authority can request the applicant to provide it. After the missing information is received, the permit authority can issue the permit provided all other legislative requirements are met.