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The Shire is governed by nine Councillors elected by the local community. Councillors seek to understand local aspirations and concerns and lead the Shire to ensure the effective delivery of strategic plans.

Role and Responsibilities of Council

The Ashburton Shire Council consists of nine Councillors representing six wards. These comprise of two pastoral wards (Ashburton and Tableland) and four townsite wards (Onslow, Pannawonica, Paraburdoo and Tom Price).

Each Councillor is elected to serve a four-year term and there are no restrictions on the number of terms Councillors may serve. The Councillors elect the President and Deputy Shire President every two years in October.

The function of the Council is to provide good governance for residents in the district, which includes the provision of works and services to ensure the health, safety and fulfillment of the local community.

Five fundamental aims of Council can be identified:

  • to direct and uphold the affairs of Council
  • to be responsible for the performance of Council’s functions
  • to oversee the allocation of Council’s finances and resources
  • to determine policies
  • to provide for the good government of persons in the district

The ways in which these aims are interpreted and the range and nature of the responsibilities to which they are applied undergo continuing transformation. There is a need to constantly re-examine tasks, to ensure they are the ones most suited to the scale of decision-making and services required.

Local Government Act 1995

The role of Councillors is stated in the Local Government Act 1995

Division 2 — Local governments and councils of local governments

2.7. The role of the council
2.8. The role of the mayor or president
2.9. The role of the deputy mayor or deputy president
2.10. The role of councillors

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Elected members also have to undertake regular training. 

On 27 June 2019, changes to the Local Government Act 1995 were passed by Parliament which require all council members to undertake training within the first 12 months of being elected.

The changes have been introduced in recognition of the unique and challenging role that council members have. 

In accordance with Part 5, Division 10, s 5.127 of the Local Government Act 1995, the attached table outlines the training completed by Elected Members. his information is updated monthly.