Strategic Plans

Strategic Community Plan

The 10 year plan captures the views of the Shire’s diverse community; our vision for the future and our planning direction for the next decade, 2022 - 2032.

The 10 Year Strategic Community Plan is part of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Framework Initiative which gives local governments a framework for establishing local priorities and to link this information to operational functions.

More information can be found at Department of Local Government, Intergrated Planning

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10 year Strategic Community Plan

Corporate Business Plan

This Corporate Business Plan 2023 – 2027, together with the Strategic Community Plan 2022 – 2032, is the Shire of Ashburton’s Plan for the Future and has been prepared to achieve compliance with section 5.56 of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations1996.

In accordance with regulation 19DA(3) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, a
Corporate Business Plan is to:

a) set out, consistent with any relevant priorities included in the Strategic Community Plan for the district, a local government’s priorities for dealing with the objectives and aspirations of the community in the district; and

b) govern a local government’s internal business planning by expressing a local government’s priorities by reference to operations that are within the capacity of the local government’s resources; and

c) develop and integrate matters relating to resources, including asset management, workforce planning and long-term financial planning.

In the preparation of the annual budget the Shire will have regard for the contents of the Plan for the Future in accordance with section 6.2(2) of the Local Government Act 1995.

The Corporate Business Plan is reviewed annually in line with our annual budget.

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Corporate Business Plan

Snapshot of Priority Projects

In developing this document, we seek to highlight the many ongoing benefits that can arise from critical funding of infrastructure projects and liveability within the Shire of Ashburton.

We hope our partners and the current and future State and Federal Governments understand that supporting the growth and diversification of our economy will deliver growth and wealth for our WA economy and Australia.

View Snapshot of Priority Projects 2024/2025 - 2026/2027

Community Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2027

The Shire of Ashburton is committed to ensuring that the community is an accessible and inclusive community for people of all ages and abilities, including people with disability, their families and/or their carers.

Community Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2027

Youth Strategy 2023 - 2025

The 2023-2025 Youth Strategy was developed for young people to feel a sense of belonging to the place that they live, are empowered to engage in opportunities and are supported by our connected and caring community.

Youth Strategy 2023 - 2025

Youth Strategy Snapshot 2023 - 2025


Community Lifestyle and Infrastructure Plan (CLIP)

The Shire of Ashburton’s (Shire) Community Lifestyle and Infrastructure Plan (CLIP) is a guiding document to help shape the futures of Tom Price and Paraburdoo to 2035 and beyond.

Community Lifestyle and Infrastructure Plan (CLIP)


Long Term Financial Plan 2024 - 2039

The Long Tem Financial Plan is part of the Shire’s ongoing commitment to an integrated approach to planning for the region's future. The Plan provides the Council and the community with a picture of the Shire’s long term financial management.

View the Long Term Financial Plan 2024 - 2039 

Other strategic plans and documents