Lost, Impounded and Found

Impounded Dogs and Cats

Rangers will make every effort to reunite you with your pet as soon as possible. To help with this process, please ensure your pets’ microchip and registration details are up to date. 

When a Ranger collects a wandering pet, they will do the following:

  • Check registration tag/identification tag
  • Check for a microchip
  • Display a public notice here and on the notice board

If you can be not reached, your pet will be cared for at the Pound/Cattery.

Dogs and Cats currently in the Pound or Cattery:

There are currently no dogs/cats in the Pound.

If you are the owner of one of these pets, please contact your local Shire office during business hours to arrange a time to collect. Contact details are:

Tom Price/Paraburdoo: 08 9188 4444

Onslow: 08 9184 9301

Payment of impounding fees is required before your pet can be collected. Proof of ownership may be required before your pet will be released. All pets must be claimed within seventy-two (72) hours. Any pet unclaimed after this time becomes the property of the Shire and if suitable, will be re-homed.

Lost Dogs and Cats

If your pet becomes lost, please contact the Shire immediately to make a report as it may have been collected and taken to the Shire’s facilities.  When reporting a lost pet, please provide its registration number, name, sex, breed, colour, age, microchip number, colour of its collar, any other identifying features and when it was last seen.

Found Dogs and Cats

If you have found a pet wandering, please contact the Shire office during business hours. If you found a pet outside of business hours, please contact the Ranger:

Tom Price: 0457 000 283

Onslow: 0417 949 661

Please remember that some frightened animals could become aggressive, so be cautious if approaching an unknown animal.