Shire of Ashburton Disaster Dashboard

The Shire of Ashburton Disaster Dashboard serves as a centralised hub for critical information during emergencies, fostering community preparedness and safety. Users can access real-time updates, monitor weather conditions, and stay informed about potential hazards in the Shire of Ashburton.

View Disaster Dashboard

Use the Disaster Dashboard as your one-stop for all emergency information for weather, roads, outages, and emergency notices.

  1. Emergency Dashboard:

    • Emergency News
    • Road Conditions
    • Power Outages
    • Weather Warnings
  2. Report and Updates:

    • Local Roads Report
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Public Health 
    • BOM Radar
    • River Heights
    • Airport Schedule/Delays
    • Community Safety (e.g., Karijini National Park, Millstream Chichester National Park)
    • Useful APPs
    • Emergency Management Plans
    • Shire of Ashburton Map
  3. Weather Information:

    • Current temperature and weather conditions
    • Humidity, wind direction, pressure, and wind speed details
    • Weather Station information
    • Latest weather warnings from BOM
    • Marine Wind Warning Summary for Western Australia
    • Heatwave Warning
  4. Fire Danger Rating:

    • Fire danger ratings for Ashburton Coast and Ashburton Inland
    • Information on high fire danger rating and readiness to act
  5. Contact Information:

    • Office hours and contact information