Upcoming fireworks events and safety for pets

Published on Thursday, 16 September 2021 at 3:00:00 PM

Paraburdoo and Tom Price community members are advised that as part of the 2021 Rio Tinto Picnic Day events there will be a firework display in both towns. 

The Fireworks shows will commence in Paraburdoo on Friday, 17 September 2021 at approximately 8pm & Tom Price on Saturday, 18 September 2021 at approximately 8pm with road closures in place to assist with the safety on the night. 

Residents are reminded that fireworks can cause distress to pets which can indirectly pose risks to animal safety by causing them to take flight and try to escape the loud noises.

There are some preventative measures to prepare your pet ahead of the fireworks.

  • Ensure all pets are locked inside your home during the fireworks and remove access to garden and outside areas
  • Do not leave your pet outside or restrained, instead create a comfortable space for them and provide their favourite toys and plenty of water and snacks
  • Close curtains and blinds and place a blanket over pens and cages
  • In case that your pet escapes, ensure that they have been micro-chipped and have your contact details on their collar
  • Dogs should be exercised earlier in the day and have a good meal before the fireworks start
  • If you’re at home with your pet, encourage calm behaviour and pacify them with gentle games
  • If your pet has had previous stress during fireworks, speak to your vet who will be able to offer further advice on how to keep them calm
  • Ensure pets are never tied up as this can put them at risk of choking or injuring themselves.

Please note the fireworks location as per the maps below.


Tom Price

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