Snake Awareness and Safety

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2023 at 10:21:22 AM

Snake Awareness and Safety 


While we always need to be alert in the Pilbara, now that the weather is warming up snakes are becoming more active. 


7 Ways to Help Snake Proof Your Property 

Cover all holes leading to houses and garages

Snakes love crawling into hidey spots such as roofs, underneath houses, garages etc. Make sure to keep doors closed and install screens on doors and windows. Block any holes in the ceiling and roof which might accommodate snakes.

Maintain a tidy garden

Keep a well-maintained garden and shed. Keep the lawn low in height and garden beds away from the exterior of the house. Ensure that wood piles are neatly stacked to prevent snakes and rodents from sheltering. Discard lawn clipping and mulch rather than keeping it in a pile, as the piles provide warmth and security for snakes.

Block cavities in wall structures

Snakes LOVE rock walls. They’re a ready source of energy (reptiles sun themselves on rocks to warm up their cold blood and muscles), shelter (when they’ve had enough sun) and food (preying on the rodents and frogs which also shelter in the rocks). If you have a rock wall or other similar structure, block the holes and other cavities that slithering and scurrying creatures can hide in. 

Mice and rat bait

Placing rodent bait around your house and garden will get rid of mice and rats — and therefore reduce the likelihood of snakes. it’s important to place the bait in places where pets can’t get it, such as in rooves and places that are off the ground.

Protecting birds

Placing mesh or a similar covering around your chook pens and aviaries will prevent snakes from preying on your birds. Keeping a tidy pen will also prevent rodents from eating bird seed. Your chook eggs are for breakfast NOT a snack for snakes! 

Dispose of food scraps

Ensure that all food scraps are disposed of properly in covered bins. Food scraps encourage rats and mice — and therefore snakes!

Minimum shrubbery

Consider the type of shrubbery and trees you have growing in your garden. Low shrubs and leafy bushes will provide the perfect habitat for sheltering snakes. By growing tall trees and keeping leaf litter to a minimum, you’ll have less garden maintenance to do — and fewer snakes! 


Having the First Responder App on your phone is a great idea, particularly in our remote region, and take a moment to run through snake bite first aid with your family. 

You can download it here; St John First Responder App | Download First Aid App - St John (

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