Shire of Ashburton residents reminded to use bins correctly to ensure collection

Published on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 9:00:00 AM

Recently the Shire of Ashburton Waste Services Team have been unable to collect a substantial number of bins across Tom Price, Paraburdoo, and Onslow.

This is due to guidelines not being followed and resulting in bins overflowing or being over packed in a way that prevents the Waste Truck from picking them up.

For bins to be collected the following should be remembered:
🗑️Bins must be placed out before 6am the day of collection
🗑️Bins must be placed 1 metre from the kerb and with a minimum of 0.5-1 metre clear space on either side, away from letter boxes, posts vehicles and branches
🗑️Place all rubbish inside the bin - rubbish not placed in the bin won’t be collected
🗑️Bin wheels should be facing your property
🗑️Contents must be less than 70kg. Do not overload your bin as waste trucks side arm will not be able to lift it and it won’t be collected
🗑️Overfilling or compacting your bin with cardboard and jamming the waste will prevent its contents being emptied

If the following is not adhered to, bins will be unable to be collected.

Finally, keeping bins clean is the responsibility of the resident.

Residents are also reminded to always tie down their load when transporting any materials, including waste items.

Materials being transported on the back of vehicles such as utes, trailers and trucks that are not completely covered or secured can fly off whilst driving and become litter.

Local business are also asked to refrain from using public bins to dispose of waste.

For more information, please contact Shire of Ashburton Waste Coordinator Christine Said via [email protected]

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