Residents reminded to dispose of gas bottles correctly

Published on Thursday, 23 March 2023 at 3:55:30 PM

Gas bottles and any other hazardous waste should never be placed in a domestic bin or landfill as routine compaction can cause a high risk of fires or chemical explosions once collected.

Illegal dumping is the unauthorised discharge or abandonment of waste and is an offence under s.49A of the Environmental Protection Act. On conviction, the offence carries a maximum penalty of $125,000 for corporations and $62,500 for individuals.

If you have gas bottles or any hazardous waste that needs to be disposed, the following options are available:

  • Return them to the supplier for refill or disposal. Many portable gas suppliers will also dispose of the bottles and cylinders. Automotive LPG cylinders and large household cylinders should be returned to the supplier, as they are not accepted at most waste facilities.


  • Empty or decommissioned gas bottles can be disposed of at Shire Waste Facilities for a price of $21 per bottle.

Residents are asked to follow the above recommendations to keep both our Waste Facility and community members safe.

For more information, contact Waste Coordinator Christine Said via 9188 5505.

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