Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Act 2021 legislative changes update

Published on Tuesday, 29 November 2022 at 11:50:48 AM

Changes to the Dog Act 1976 have now passed through Parliament, however many of the provisions are yet to commence.

The changes will:

  • Increase the transparency of, and information on, the source of dogs
  • Enhance the ability of authorities to identify and detect puppy farms
  • Enhance the ability of authorities to prevent irresponsible breeders from breeding dogs
  • Decrease the number of puppies and dogs that are bred indiscriminately
  • Improve community understanding about responsible purchase and care of dogs
  • Transition pet shops into adoptions centres for unwanted dogs.

The following changes to the legislation are yet to commence:

  • Dogs to be de-sexed by the age of 2 years, unless they are exempted, to prevent unplanned breeding or over breeding.
  • Information on dogs (and cats) to be held in a centralised registration system to allow information to be shared across the State.
  • People who wish to breed from their dog will need to apply for an approval to breed, enabling breeders to be traced.
  • Pet shops that sell dogs to work with rescue organisations to transition to adoption centres which will provide more adoption opportunities for unwanted dogs.

Since 23 December 2021, muzzling requirements for pet or retired racing greyhounds when in public places were removed, making greyhounds more desirable as pets. Greyhounds are still required to be kept on a lead in public areas. Registered racing greyhounds continue to be required to wear muzzles in all public places.

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