Council supports heating Shire owned Swimming Pools during the normal season

Published on Friday, 18 August 2023 at 12:00:00 PM

The Shire of Ashburton Council supported the concept at the 2023 August Ordinary Council Meeting.

The support comes as a result of a community petition that was received at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 11 July 2023, requesting pool heating at aquatic facilities in Tom Price and Paraburdoo.

The petition requested the Shire of Ashburton consider heating the mentioned pools to provide greater opportunities for their athletes, allowing them to maximise their time in the water from the day the pool gates open at the commencement of the pool season to the day they close, at the conclusion of the pool season.

Shire of Ashburton President Kerry White said Council was committed to maintaining facilities in a strategic manner, ensuring community needs are met as outlined in the Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032.

“When preparing the 2024/25 budget, Council will consider allocating funds towards the capital costs of installing heating equipment at Shire owned public swimming pools in Onslow, Paraburdoo and Tom Price, in addition to operating expenses going forward,” she said.

“During the community consultation process for the Shire of Ashburton Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032, the highest category of feedback received was regarding heating the Shire’s pools.

“It has been noted that heating the three Shire operated public swimming pools in Onslow, Paraburdoo, and Tom Price will facilitate longer use during the normal swim season and times for the utilisation of clubs and groups.

“Council has recognised this desire within the community and supports the concept of heating the Shire owned swimming pools.”

The allocation of funds towards heating the swimming pools in Onslow, Tom Price and Paraburdoo will be considered during the preparation of the 2024/2025 Shire Budget.

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