Home Based Business

Can I run a Business from Home?

The ability to work from home provides many social and economic benefits to our community while also creating challenges in preserving the integrity, character, and amenity of our residential areas. The planning framework allows for businesses to be operated where they are small in scale and do not impact the residential appearance of the property they are being operated from.

What type of Business can i run from home ?

The planning framework allows for any business, service, trade, or similar activity to be undertaken within a dwelling or land around a dwelling in most zones, as long the retail sale, display or hire of goods is not involved, subject to development approval.

There are some other restrictions to ensure the scale of the business, service, trade, or similar activity does not compete with the residential use of the land, as provided below:

  • No changes to the residential appearance of the land;
  • The business, service, trade, or similar activity can only employ residents of the dwelling;
  • Adequate off street parking is provided;
  • The operation cannot result in a substantial increase to the amount of traffic in the vicinity;
  • The business, service, trade, or similar activity does not occupy more than 50sqm; and
  • The business, service, trade, or similar activity does not entail the parking and garaging of a vehicle of more than 3.5t/1t tare weight (depending on the zone).
  • The business, service, trade, or similar activity does not involve the retail sale, display or hire of any goods unless the sale, display or hire is done only by means of the Internet.

Do I need approval to work from home?

Working from home or running a business from home that does not entail any customers/clients attending the site, does not involve any advertising signs on the premises, and does not involve any external changes to the appearance of the dwelling does not require development approval.  All other forms of home based business do require development approval, and will be assessed in accordance with the Local Planning Scheme.

Is my Home Based Business a 'Home Occupation' or a 'Home Business'?

How do I lodge a Development Application?

The following material, in support of your development application, must be lodged along with your submission. Provision of complete and correct information at lodgement can reduce delays as assessment of your development application may not be carried out until all information is received.

The Shire's Development Application Lodgement Guide and Development Application Checklist should be used to assist you in preparing your Development Application.

The following items must be lodged as part of your application:

  • Application for Development Approval (required for all applications)
  • Additional Information for Advertisement (required in addition to above for all Advertisement Development Applications)
  • Land owners consent and supporting documentation
  • Neighbours Consent Letter (to be used for R-code applications e.g. carport, patio, sheds)
  • Planning report describing the proposal, including photographs
  • Plans and drawings including site Plan, floor plans, elevations
  • Any specialist reports required in support of your application (e.g. traffic impact, acoustic report)
  • Application fee (please refer to Fees & Charges)

Development Applications can be lodged in person over the counter at any of the Shire offices, electronically or by mail.

Please contact Development Services on (08) 9188 4444 for any further queries.

Please Note:

Building Requirements: If the accumulative floor area of the proposed business or occupation exceeds 10% of the total floor space of the building, a building permit will be required. Please contact the Building Services for further information.