Airport Operations

Airport Operations

Airside Security Requirements

Onslow Airport is a security controlled airport. The requirements of the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations apply to airside activities.

The airside of the airport is security controlled and therefore a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be worn at all times by visiting pilots. Further detail on security requirements for your visit can be obtained by contacting the Airport Reporting Officer.

The main apron is a Security Restricted Area during the operational period of the airlines. As such security measures including the screening of itinerant aircraft crew and their passengers, and the inspection of items going to the main apron may apply. Pilots are responsible for the close escort of passengers to and from the terminal building, and ensuring separation from screened airline passengers.  Pilots and passengers utilising the general aviation apron are NOT permitted access to the terminal via airside.

Visitor Identification Card 

Access Application Form

Email completed application form to [email protected] 

You can also pre-register for a Visitor Identification Card via our online security program.

Fact sheet for information on Visitor Passes

Parking/Movement Request

A parking / Movement request form is required to be submitted for all aircraft over MTOW 5700kg 48hours prior to arrival.  Parking for aircraft over 5700kg is subject to availability.

Parking/movement request form

Ground Handling Agent

The aircraft operator is responsible for arranging any required ground handling and marshalling services.

To organise marshalling and ground handling services contact Northwest Aviation Services on 0488 174 020 or 9466 6532.

Aircraft Refuelling Service

Skyfuel Pty Ltd operates at Onslow Airport.

For all fuel enquiries please contact Skyfuel directly on 0448 562 151

Fees and charges

Download a copy of the Onslow airport fees and charges.

Obstacle Limitation Surface

Protection of airspace required for Onslow Airport’s current and future needs is essential to provide a safe, predictable environment for the arrivals and departures of aircraft in all weather conditions.

National and international standards have been adopted which define two sets of invisible surfaces above the ground. These surfaces are:

1. Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS): a defined area of airspace designed to provide protection for visual flying (VFR) operations, where the pilot is flying by sight. All existing and potential obstacles must be assessed to ensure that any impact on aircraft operations is identified.

2. Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS): a defined area of airspace designed to provide protection for instrument flying (IFR), where the pilot is reliant on instrument navigation. PANS-OPS surfaces may also include protection of the airspace around navigation aids that are required for instrument flying activity. PANS-OPS surfaces are not permitted to be infringed in any circumstance.

Any activities that will result in an intrusion of protected airspace are referred to as "Controlled Activities” and must be approved by Onslow Airport. Controlled Activities include:

permanent structures, such as buildings, intruding into the protection airspace;
temporary structures, such as cranes, intruding into the protected airspace; and
any activities causing intrusions into the protected airspace through glare from artificial light or reflected sunlight, air turbulence from stacks or vents, smoke, dust, steam of other gasses or particulate matter.

Onslow Airport will complete an initial assessment of a Controlled Activity Application to determine whether the activity will cause an intrusion into the OLS or PANS-OPS surface and the extent of any intrusion. If there is an intrusion, Onslow  Airport is required to seek further assessment from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), to assess the impact of the intrusion on aviation safety, and Airservices Australia, to assess applications that will result in the penetration of the PANS-OPS surface or require a temporary redirection of flight paths

Crane operators must provide a completed Controlled Activity Application to Onslow Airport at least 28 days prior to the proposed crane activity

Application for Approval to carry out a controlled activity

Regional Airfare Programs

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