Signature Event Grants

Shire of Ashburton Signature Event Grants

Applications for the Signature Event Grant will be accepted from 15 February until 31 March for projects or activities taking place between 1 August and 31 July the following financial year. 

Applications must be received by the advertised closing date and may take up to eight weeks to be assessed for eligibility. Council will formally consider and approve applications in the following year’s financial budget allocation.

Incorporated and non-incorporated associations can apply. Commercial organisations cannot apply. 

Groups that receive Signature Event funding are not eligible to apply for any other funding under this Policy except for Community Lease Compliance Funding if applicable. Applications are to be completed in full by an Office Bearer or authorised delegate.

Applications are initially assessed by Shire Officers for eligibility, then considered for approval in principle at a Council Meeting. Approval of the funding for the event will not be confirmed until the following year's budget is confirmed by Council.

Applicants agree to submit an acquittal report, using the template provided by the Shire, within three months of the completion of the event, containing:

  1. An evaluation of the event.
  2. Proof that the grant was expended according to the approved application and distribution of any proceeds or profits.

Please ensure that you consider the Shire of Ashburton Disability and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2018 – 22 when submitting your application.
All areas of the application form must be completed; additional information may be attached if required.
Applications will not be funded retrospectively.
The grants are competitive and decisions to fund part or all of a request are based on:
  1. The extent to which the project directly benefits the residents of the Shire of Ashburton
  2. Funding and/or contributions from other sources

How to submit an application

Fill in the online application form.
For more information or assistance contact [email protected]
Alternatively you can contact your local Club Development Officer via [email protected]