Community Infrastructure and Services Partnership (CISP)

In 2012 the Shire of Ashburton and Rio Tinto signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to revitalise existing and develop new civic, sporting and community facilities and programs in Paraburdoo, Tom Price and Pannawonica.

Known as the Community Infrastructure and Services Partnership (CISP), it focuses on making the region a better place to live and work through a shared vision to improve town amenity to attract and retain current and future residents. This approach utilises the expertise of local government to maximise the investment and enhance the quality of projects delivered.

Under the Community Infrastructure and Services Partnership, the Shire of Ashburton and Rio Tinto have developed a plan which outlines projects to be undertaken over the life of the partnership.

The plan will assist in providing:

  • Improved town amenity and beautification to attract and retain a diverse population to live and work in the Pilbara contributing towards economic diversity of local communities;
  • Delivery of efficient and rationalised  projects and services;
  • Upgraded and/or new civic and community infrastructure specific to community needs and future growth;
  • Support for local community resilience, leadership and sense of place;
  • Leveraging of additional funding and resources to support identified community needs outlined in the Community Infrastructure and Services Plan.

Partnership activities & events

The following activities and events are held in each town as part of the CISP agreement and to enrich community spirit.

  • Welcome events
  • Nameless Festival
  • School Holiday Program
  • Australia Day celebrations
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Christmas Lights Competitions and Christmas Carol events
  • ANZAC Day celebrations
  • Other events and festivals in each town.
  • Dedicated club & community support team

Rio tinto