The Shire



ADM03 Flying of Flags - Council Buildings

ADM06 Use of Shire of Ashburton Logo and Crest

ADM07 Communications & Social Media Policy

ADM08 Community Engagement Policy

ADM09 Complaints Management Policy

ADM11 Memorials on Council Controlled Land

ADM12 Closure of Certain Facilities – Christmas/New Year Period



CORP5 Risk Management Policy



ELM01 Council and Other Meetings

ELM02 Official Photographs

ELM03 Recognition of Retiring Councillors

ELM04 Code of Conduct

ELM05 Councillor Training/Conference Attendance

ELM06 Councillor Accommodation, Travel and Incidental Expenses Whilst on Council Business ELM07 Conduct of Public Question Time

ELM08 Order of Business- Ordinary Council Meetings

ELM09 Elected Member Information Forums

ELM10 Financial Sustainability Policy

ELM11 Attendance at Events 

ELM13 Affixing of the Shire of Ashburton Common Seal

ELM14 Governance and Policy Manual

ELM15 Elected Member Business Wear

ELM16 Elected Members Record Keeping Policy

ELM17 Anonymous Communications Policy

ELM18 Community Projects Letters of Support

ELM19 Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural and History

ELM20 History Collection Policy

ELM21 Tree Management Overview Policy

ELM22 Elected Member Event Notification Policy

ELM23 Notice of Motion Procedural Policy

ELM24 Appointment of an Acting Chief Executive Officer

ELM25 Use of the EMACCESS email portal and Councillor Discussion Board

ELM26 CEO Performance Review

ELM27 Legal Proceedings



EMP01 Equal Employment

EMP02 Prohibited Areas - Contaminated Sites (Including Wittenoom, Colonial Mine, Yampire Mine and Mulga Downs)

EMP02A Cautionary Areas – Parts of Roebourne-Wittenoom Road and Nanutarra-Munjina Road

EMP11 Senior Employees

EMP16 Grievance Investigation and Resolution

EMP17 Occupational Health & Safety

EMP24 Corporate Credit Card

EMP25 Fitness for Work

EMP35 Gratuity

EMP37 Salary Sacrifice

EMP41 CEO Leave Authorisations and other Approvals



ENG01 Street Lawns and Gardens

ENG06 Temporary Road Closures

ENG08 Bush Fire Policy

ENG09 Asset Management Policy

ENG10 Guidelines for Urban Development

ENG13 Road Management Policy



FIN04 Regional Price Preference Policy

FIN05 Trading in Public Places - Fees and Charges

FIN06 Significant Accounting Policy

FIN07 Investment Policy

FIN09 Authorised Signatures for Cheque/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

FIN10 Wittenoom Townsite, Wittenoom Gorge and Yampire -Gorge Rates and Services

FIN12 Purchasing Policy

FIN13 Debtors Management – General

FIN15 Rates Debt Recovery Policy

FIN20 Related Party Disclosures

FIN21 Rating

FIN23 Disposal of Property (other than land)

FIN24 Financial Hardship Policy

FIN25 Panels of Prequalified Suppliers Policy



HTH02 Aboriginal Environmental Health





REC01 Consumption of Alcohol on Shire of Ashburton owned and managed properties

REC05 Community Leases and License Agreements of Shire Assets (Facilities, Buildings and Land)

REC06 Vandalism - Reward for Conviction

REC07 Tourism policy for the Shire of Ashburton

REC08 Community Donations, Grants and Funding

REC09 Australia Day WA Community Citizen of the Year

Last updated: 30 November 2020