The Shire

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Paull, CEO

Telephone (08) 9188 4457
Fax (08) 9189 2252
Postal Address PO Box 567, Tom Price, WA, 6751

The Chief Executive Officer is the principal non-elected officer of the Shire and is directly responsible to the Council for the operations of the organisation.

The Chief Executive Officer’s core functions are to;

  • Advise the Council in relation to the functions of Shire and ensure that relevant advice and information is available to it;
  • Cause Council decisions to be implemented; and
  • Manage the day to day operations of the Shire and the staff, in accordance with the Corporate Plan’s direction, and within Council Policy parameters.

Whilst responsibilities directly addressed by the Chief Executive Officer’s area include Council Meetings; Councillor communications; Organisational Development/Human Resources; and Communications, Media, and Marketing/Tourism; progression of the above three core activities are coordinated in the main through four Executive Managers (namely, Corporate Services; Community Development; Infrastructure Services; Development & Regulatory Services; and Strategic & Economic Development).

The Chief Executive Officer also works closely with the President and the other Elected Members of Council to ensure that the many and varied day-to-day issues faced by the Shire are managed and addressed in an efficient, effective, fair and consistent manner.

Last updated: 11 May 2018