Showcase in Pixels

The West Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) have invited the Shire of Ashburton to submit a piece of artwork into the annual exhibition that will be displayed at the iconic digital tower at the heart of Yagan Square.  Traditionally, the artwork, in the form of physical banners, were hung on the poles along St Georges and Adelaide Terrace. This year, WALGA has the opportunity to display digital artwork designs on the 45-metre high tower at Yagan Square, which features a circular screen with 14 columns, representing the 14 Noongar language groups.

The Shire of Ashburton would like to extend the invitation to all school aged children across the Shire to submit a piece of artwork.  The local Shire Councillors will judge the winning submission which will represent the Shire.

The winner will need to submit a word document (maximum of 250 words) to provide an explanation of your submission;

• how it is created

• which medium is used

• inspiration behind each element or the composition, and

The winning submission will receive $200 worth of art supplies and also win their school $1000 worth of art supplies, provided by the Shire of Ashburton.

Submissions will need to be presented on an A4 piece of paper with the following guidelines followed;

Guidelines for Submission

As the digital tower faces the road, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to:

• No solid red, green or orange/amber colours

• No photograph/pictures of road networks or traffic

• Content cannot include colours or shapes that could be mistaken for traffic signals, signs or instruction signs

• Composition should not be chiefly made up of dark images as they will not be visible during the day.

Use bold lettering to stand out from the crowd – each submission has to include the name of the relevant Council.

The Convention Theme for this year is - Local Government: Renewal Practical

Keep any written messages short and simple, and use large and clear lettering.

According to the category the banner has been entered in, the judges will consider:

• Is it easy to identify where the banner comes from?

• Can you easily read the Council’s name?

• How is the composition of the piece?

• Can you identify something about the place? e.g. does it depict wildflowers, farming, coffee strip etc

• Use of colour and creativity

• Artistic merit

• Individuality, boldness, and humour.

Please fill in the Submission form and along with your child’s artwork drop off to your local Shire of Ashburton Library.  The artwork will need to be received by the Shire by close of business on 24 May 2019

Submission Form

Last updated: 17 May 2019