• Tom Price Fuel Shortage Threatens Tourism

    The Tom Price Shell service station ran out of fuel yesterday leaving tourists stranded and local businesses furious.

    Shire of Ashburton President Greg Musgrave called for Shell to rectify the problem, as the shortage was the fourth since May.

    “This has been going on for four years and happens every tourist season,” Cr Musgrave said.

    “There are tourists stranded out in the caravan park without fuel. When they finally do move on, they will tell other tourists to avoid Tom Price because of the shortage. The word-of-mouth repercussions of this could be very damaging.”

    Business owners and workers have also been affected by the shortage, with many having to drive up to five hours out of their way to fuel up in the past.

    “Contractors have had enough of driving elsewhere to get fuel,” Cr Musgrave said.

    “It’s outrageous.”

    Tourist Jim Jacobsen said he loved Tom Price but felt disheartened by the fuel issue.

    “We enjoy visiting Tom Price but this has put a dampener on our trip because we’ve had to change our plans,” Mr Jacobsen said.

    “We can get by, but there are a lot of angry people out at the caravan park.”

    Cr Musgrave also expressed concern over the dilapidated state of the Tom Price service station.

    “The amount of money the service station generates is quite significant so you’d think Shell would be keen to reinvest in it by removing potholes and upgrading bowsers,” he said.

    “The situation is affecting our credibility as a shire and our ability to provide for the many tourists who visit the area.”


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