• Snake safety in our community

    While we always need to be alert in the Pilbara, the weather has warmed up which means snakes are more active in our region.

    Always keep your eyes open, remove any favourable hidey holes, long grass and clutter from around your home and keep to the track if walking in bush areas.

    Do you know what to do when you suspect someone has been bitten by a snake?

    • Time is of the essence - call 000 as soon as possible
    • While waiting for paramedics to arrive, keep the patient still and calm
    • Lay them flat and wrap a bandage over the site of the bite
    • Apply a pressure bandage, starting from the fingers or toes and wrap upwards as far as you can go.

    Snake bite symptoms can include headache, impaired vision, nausea, drowsiness and difficulty breathing, speaking or swallowing, so keep a close eye on the patient until the ambulance arrives.

    You may not be able to prevent a snake bite, however you can be prepared by wearing protective clothing, having a fully-stocked first aid kit and ensuring your first aid training is up-to-date.

    Having the St John WA First Responder App on your phone is a great idea, particularly in our remote region, and take a moment to run through snake bite first aid with your family.

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