• Shire prepares flood management systems in Onslow ahead of cyclone season

    Onslow community members are advised works are currently underway to clear the detention basin on the corner of McGrath and Third Avenue.

    The Shire is currently levelling existing drainage channels in Onslow as well removing excess vegetation to ensure efficient water flow and improved capacity of the detention basins. 

    The work will ensure that water actually flows to the designed outlet and does not pond for an extended period of time in the event of severe rainfall.  This work requires vegetation to be cleared within the detention basin. 

    The detention basin on the corner of McGrath and Third Avenue is designed to protect the surrounding area from flooding and as we approach cyclone season, it is timely to clear vegetation and plant growth in the interest of community safety.

    In addition, there are a number of low spots in the detention basin which cause ponding of water and create breeding areas for mosquitoes, which we wish to prevent.

    Works are expected to be completed later this month and will be followed by the installation of further reticulation to enable more tree and shrub planting in line with our Greening Ashburton program to enhance the areas around the detention basins.

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