• Main works get underway at Pilbara Regional Waste Management Facility

    Last week marked a milestone for the Shire of Ashburton as the main works stage of construction commenced at the Pilbara Regional Waste Management Facility outside of Onslow.

    This $14M project when completed will provide for integrated waste management, consisting of a greenwaste facility, construction and demolition waste facility, liquid waste facility, tyre mono-cell and a Class IV landfill. The Class IV landfill will be only such facility within North West Australia accepting the low level hazardous waste materials that arise from the mining and oil and gas industries, as well as from government and other industries throughout Onslow, Ashburton and the Pilbara Region.

    The development of the Pilbara Regional Waste Management Facility will also facilitate economic diversification and growth by significantly reducing the cost of managing waste throughout the region.

    Once operational, the facility will adhere to Best Practice landfill standards through ongoing environmental monitoring and reporting in accordance with license requirements to ensure potential environmental impacts are mitigated and managed.

    The Pilbara Regional Waste Management Facility is jointly funded by the Federal Government, Chevron and Western Australian Government and the Shire of Ashburton.

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