• Ashburton contribute to Australia bushfire appeal

    Shire of Ashburton Councillors unanimously passed a motion to donate to the Australia Wide Bushfire Appeal at the February Ordinary Meeting of Council held this week.

    Shire of Ashburton President Kerry White said that Councillors and community members within the Shire have been deeply saddened by the recent bushfire events.

    “Most of us watched with disbelief as the bushfire emergency unfolded over the Christmas and New Year period” ” said Councillor White.

    “Given the extent of these disastrous fires in the eastern part of Australia, the Shire of Ashburton is following many other WA local governments and donating to WALGA recommended organisations.

    “We elected to donate $5000 each to the NSW Rural Fire Service, Victoria Country Fire Association, Queensland Fire and Rescue and the South Australia Country Fire Service.

    “We choose to donate directly to fire brigades as we felt money would go direct to those organisations to aid firefighting efforts, disaster relief and recovery efforts and recognise the efforts of these bushfire brigades and their volunteers.

    “With our location in northwestern Australia, we are very aware of the threat and devastation that bushfires can cause.

     “Rural and pastoral areas rely heavily on Bush Fire Brigades for protection against the threat and devastation of fire.

    “The people involved with state fire services and brigades protect families and home, communities and a way of life".



    For media information contact:

    Alison Lennon - Manager Media and Communications, Shire of Ashburton

    M: 0409 314 140 | E: [email protected]

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