• Drainage works in Tom Price and Paraburdoo

    A comprehensive drain cleaning and CCTV project is currently underway in Tom Price and Paraburdoo and has identified a number of our drains that run under our roads  to be in a poor condition and in need of urgent repair. An example of this is what was addressed on Sirus Street and more recently on East Road, Hibiscus Street and Croton Street in Tom Price. 

    The two pipes at East road were in such poor condition after they were cleaned that the Shire had to take immediate action on the grounds of safety. Steel plates were placed over the road to protect the road from collapsing and potentially resulting in serious injury to persons and vehicles.

    Normally, the steel plates create minimum noise when vehicles cross over but in this case, due to the uneven road surface, the noise has become a serious nuisance to the adjoining properties.   

    Staff are working with our contractor to minimize this issue as a matter of priority. The contractor will be on-site Tuesday with an absorbent material that will be laid between the road surface and the steel plates to eliminate the nuisance.

    The Shire apologises for the inconvenience to our residents.  If you have any concerns please dont hesitate to call 9188 4444 or email 

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