• Strategic plan to enhance tourism and economic investment

    The Shire of Ashburton has adopted an Economic and Tourism Development Strategy to define a clear path for enhanced development of a robust local economy in each of its four towns.  

    A result of key stakeholder consultation, the strategy maps out the Shire’s future direction to facilitate and promote Tourism and Economic growth.

    This strategy seeks to create a more vibrant and diverse future for the Shire of Ashburton, and insulate it from future movements in the mining and resource sector which have historically dictated the prosperity of its communities.

    Shire President Kerry White says the Shire’s Economic and Tourism Development Strategy aims to develop and nurture a robust local economy that supports and benefits from community and tourism investment.

    “We are in a unique position of having some of the State’s most iconic tourism assets in our own backyard and Council are committed to further developing the economic opportunities for the betterment of our community.”

    “This document provides an over-arching strategy and clear direction for the future economic evolution of the Shire as well as a detailed program of work to progress towards identified goals.”

    Through greater collaboration with stakeholders, networking and promotional efforts to raise the profile and awareness of the Shire, and a commitment to developing sustainable communities, the strategy will deliver four local economies (being Onslow, Paraburdoo, Tom Price and Pannawonica) that are rich in business and tourism opportunities.

    The Strategy has three main goals:

    - Encourage Infrastructure Development and Investment;
    - Promote the District; and
    - Promote Business Development.

    The strategic plan, the activities implemented and those forecasted, will form the basis for the Shire’s annual budget review and planning.

    Looking to the immediate future, the strategy focuses on a number of key projects including;

    • Continued advocacy for the remainder of sealing works on the Tom Price-Karratha Rd
    • Renewed Visitor Information Bays across a number of key locations
    • Destination marketing campaigns developed through partnerships with regional tourism agencies
    • Development of a Business Investment Prospectus to support increased business investment within the Shire of Ashburton
    • Facilitation of professional development workshops for local business owners
    • A regional mural trail commencing with the Onslow water tanks
    • Supporting Astro Tourism and Geo Tourism initiatives

    The Shire wishes to extend our sincere thanks to the numerous stakeholders and businesses who participated in the process or formulating, reviewing and finalising the Strategy.

    View the Economic and Development Tourism Strategy.

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