• Update on activity to reduce mosquitos in Onslow

    The Shire, in conjunction with the operators of the dredging operations in Onslow, have now drained the expanse of water adjacent to the sand dredging residue along Mcaullay Road . This was conducted to remove the mosquito breeding environment that was created due to the pumping of the sand and water associated with the dredging. This action will significantly reduce the amount of mosquitos that have infiltrated the township in recent weeks.

    The Shire will continue to utilise its fogging operations in Onslow with the use of Pyrethroids,  the chemical used in the thermal fogger as a space spray for the control of adult mosquitoes and flies.  This product is safe to humans and animals.  Fogging will be conducted in all streets in the Onslow Township, as well as in areas around the Airport. This is likely to occur 4 times a week, either in the evenings or early mornings when mosquitos are most active, weather permitting.

    The Onslow VFES, in conjunction with the Tom Price VBFB, will be conducting a controlled burn next weekend to reduce the vegetation and open the area to allow for a wider application of larvicide

    The larviciding operations currently being conducted by the Shire will also continue, treating the mosquitos as larvae while they are contained within an aquatic environment and before they mature.

    To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. You should –

    •             Avoid outside exposure when mosquitoes are active.

    •             Wear protective (long, loose fitting) clothing when outside.

    •             Use plenty of mosquito repellent that contains DEET or Picardin. Lotions or gels are best.

    •             Ensure your accommodation is mosquito proofed.

    •             Ensure infants and children are adequately protected from mosquitoes.

    •             Make sure there is no stagnant water around your home.


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