• Tropical Cyclone Veronica - ALL CLEAR with caution

    Please note alert has been downgraded to an All Clear with caution

    The following alert has been issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). 
    Time of issue: 06:36 AM 
    Date of issue: 26 March 2019

    Cyclone ALL CLEAR advice for Mardie and Whim Creek including Whim Creek, Point Samson, Wickham, Roebourne, Karratha, Dampier and Mardie in the Pilbara

    An ALL CLEAR advice is current for people in or near the communities of Mardie and Whim Creek including Whim Creek, Point Samson, Wickham, Roebourne, Karratha, Dampier and Mardie following the following Cyclone Veronica. 
    The threat has passed but take care to avoid the dangers caused by damage.

    WHAT TO DO: 
    DFES advises: 

    •It may now be safe to return home.

    •Floodways and river levels may rise rapidly so be careful at crossings.

    •Do not walk, swim or play in floodwaters as they are dangerous.

    •If returning home, take care on the roads. Obey road closure signs and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current, there may be damage to roads that isn’t visible.

    •Take care on gravel and unsealed roads as they may be slippery and muddy, and you could get bogged.

    •Drive slowly and be aware of emergency services personnel who are still working in the area.

    •Be careful of fallen powerlines and trees, broken water and sewage pipes, loose roof sheeting, home debris and other material.

    •Be aware that flood waters can contain contaminants that can be harmful to your health.

    If returning to a damaged property:

    •It is safest to return during daylight hours when hazards are more clearly visible. 

    •Protect your feet with closed shoes.

    •Stack loose material clear of water meters, valves and powerlines.

    •Keep electricity and all appliances turned off until checked by an electrician.

    •Have gas appliances inspected and cleaned before use.

    •Never use matches, cigarette lighters or naked flames when entering a building due to the potential of flammable gas.

    •Take photographs for insurance purposes and contact your insurance company.


    •If your home has been badly damaged, call the SES on 132 500

    •In a life threatening situation call 000

    After a cyclone, SES volunteers may make temporary repairs to homes that have been badly damaged, such as roofs that have been ripped off or large fallen trees on homes or cars. 

    Please contact your insurance company to organise permanent repairs.

    As at 26 March 2019 05:27 AM:

    Ex-TC Veronica has finally weakened and is no longer producing gales. The remnant low will continue to track towards the west southwest parallel to the Pilbara coast during Tuesday. It will not reintensify.

    Although winds have eased, heavy rainfall may continue to cause hazardous road conditions and localised flooding in parts of the central and west Pilbara coast and adjacent inland areas. Rain will gradually ease during Tuesday, however flooding is continuing in parts of the Pilbara and Flood Warnings and Watches are current, please refer to for further details.


    Some roads may become impassable and some communities may become isolated. Travellers need to be aware that road conditions may be adversely affected and travel plans may need to be reconsidered. Reopening of roads will be subject to cyclone damage and flooding assessments.

    For information relating to road closures or roads open to four wheel drives and trucks, call Main Roads WA on 138 138, visit the Travel Map at or contact your local shire.

    Motorists should avoid the area and should not drive into water of unknown depth and current.


    The Department for Communities has set up a temporary evacuation centre at the Karratha Leisureplex, located on Dampier Highway, opposite Broadhurst Road, Karratha.

    The temporary evacuation centre in South Hedland at the JD Hardie Centre is now closed.

    Be aware that only essential items can be taken into evacuation centres. Alcohol and pets, except guide and assistance dogs, are prohibited.


    Karratha and Hedland Health Campus emergency departments and Onslow Health Service are operational. Roebourne Hospital is closed. WA Country Health Service will advise when Roebourne Hospital reopens.

    Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition should be prepared with sufficient medication.

    If you are sick during a Red Alert, call health direct on 1800 022 222 or 000 in case of emergency. 

    For more information go to the WA Country Health Service website.



    Tropical Cyclone Veronica has impacted power supplies throughout the Pilbara, including South Hedland, Karratha, Point Samson and Roebourne.

    As at 6.45pm on Monday 25 March, the following power outages are being experienced:

    40 customers in Karratha

    16 customers in Point Samson

    2 customers in Roebourne 

    20 customers on the Dampier airport feeder

    People need to prepare for extended power outages, as the results of Tropical Cyclone Veronica continue:

    Customers are reminded to report any outages to 13 23 51.

    Damaged electrical infrastructure may appear harmless, but could be live and potentially dangerous, if you see damaged electrical infrastructure call Horizon Power on 13 23 51.

    The towns of Wickham and Dampier are supplied with electricity by Rio Tinto. To report an outage in these towns, contact the Pilbara Service desk 1800 992 777.



    Tropical Cyclone Veronica has potential to cause damage to drinking water and wastewater facilities. 

    Residents should ensure their emergency containers are filled with water. 

    On average each person requires at least 20 litres of water per day for drinking, washing and cooking. At least 2.5 of the 20 litres is required for drinking.

    It’s also important to sandbag internal drains and toilets to prevent wastewater backflow.

    If there is a loss of power wastewater cannot be pumped to the treatment plants and it may start to overflow from pump stations and manholes in the street where it mixes with flood water


    The Department of Education has advised that the following schools may be closed on Tuesday 26 March:

    Pegs Creek Primary School 

    Roebourne District High School (and Child and Parent 


    Wickham Primary School

    Ngurrawaana Campus (of Roebourne District High 


    Karratha Primary School

    Karratha Senior High School 

    Baynton West Primary School

    Yandeyarra Remote Community School

    Port Hedland School of the Air

    Port Hedland Primary School

    Baler Primary School

    Dampier Primary School

    Millars Well Primary School

    For more information contact your school directly or visit


    The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development advises:

    When safe to do so, check your property and animals.

    Check your property for hazards, such as sharp objects, dangerous materials, live wires, contaminated water before moving animals.

    During daylight, check your livestock for any injuries and release them into safe and enclosed areas.

    If your livestock have been without food for a long period, reintroduce food slowly and in small portions.

    Allow access to clean water. 

    For missing companion animals – contact your local government.


    An Incident Management Team consisting of 40 personnel from the State Emergency Services (SES), Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service (VFES), Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS), Career Fire and Rescue (CFRS), St John, WA Police and DFES staff from across the State are continuing to operate 24/7 operations centres with a presence throughout the Pilbara.

    SES volunteers, assisted by VFRS, VFES and USAR crews have received and are actioning more than 114 calls for help. 57 calls came from Port Hedland and 57 calls came from Karratha.

    Pilbara Emergency Service volunteers are on standby to assist residents in Karratha and surrounding areas when the Red Alert is lifted.

    DFES is continuing to work closely with volunteers, WA Police, local governments, lifelines, utilities and other agencies to ensure the community is well informed and equipped to be able to keep themselves safe throughout this weather event.


    Register with Register.Find.Reunite. to let your family and loved ones know you’re OK and where you will be relocating to via from any computer or mobile device or in person at the temporary evacuation centre. 

    If you are unable to contact a loved one who may have been planning to be in the area, enquire about their whereabouts through the online Register.Find.Reunite. system at


    The Parks and Wildlife Service has issued Park Closures for:

    • Karijini National Park 
    • Millstream Chichester National Park 

    For more information contact your local Parks and Wildlife Service office or visit


    For SES assistance call 132 500

    In a life threatening situation call 000

    For the latest weather information call 1300 659 210 or visit

    For information about road conditions and closures contact local Police or Main Roads WA on 138 138.

    Visit, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter:, Facebook:, listen to ABC Local Radio or listen to news bulletins. 
    No further updates will be issued


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