• Council disappointed with Liquor Restrictions

    The Council of the Shire of Ashburton is disappointed at the State Government’s announcement to impose alcohol restrictions in the Pilbara, despite the community having expressed their lack of support towards further controls.

    Shire President Kerry White said that the decision to move ahead with plan was frustrating, particularly as the community have voiced opinions to the contrary.

    “Following news reports in late 2017 of toughening of liquor restrictions for the Pilbara, the Shire undertook to consult with the communities of Paraburdoo, Pannawonica, Onslow and Tom Price to ascertain their views on liquor restrictions.

    Broadly, the community view was that there should not be restrictions of full strength takeaway alcohol. The Director of Liquor Licensing formally advised the Council’s opposition to the planned changes,” said Cr White.

    “We therefore ask that the decision to impose the liquor restrictions as proposed be reviewed.”

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