Aboriginal Health

The Shire has adopted a progressive stance in its active involvement in Aboriginal Environmental Health management and issues.

The Aboriginal Environmental Health Worker (AEHW) can be contacted on (08) 9188 4451 or 0419 754 843 or alternatively please email [email protected].

This position is a jointly funded initiative between the Shire and the Department of Health.

The Shire's Environmental Health Officer has also developed an Aboriginal Environmental Health Strategy for the region where, together with the AEHW, they establish and implement specific health programs for the enhancement of living standards in the communities. The focus of this Strategy is developing and improving public health standards, ensuring that duplication in delivery of services is avoided by Government Departments and also in addressing gaps in Environmental Health that may exist.

The Aboriginal Environmental Health Strategy will increase the Shire's ability to identify and manage environmental health needs and provide enhanced health outcomes within the Aboriginal communities.