Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

COVID-19 Information helpline -13COVID (132 68 43)

A dedicated helpline to keep the community informed about COVID-19 coronavirus is available by dialling 13COVID (132 68 43). Western Australians will have access to the latest information regarding the impact of the virus in WA. The hotline will operate seven days a week, from 7am to 10pm

What is a coronavirus and COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses known to cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). This new coronavirus originated in Hubei Province, China and the disease caused by the virus is named COVID-19.

How is this coronavirus spread?

COVID-19 is most likely to spread from person-to-person through:

  • Direct close contact with a person while they are infectious or in the 24 hours before their symptoms appeared.
  • Close contact with a person with a confirmed infection who coughs or sneezes.
  • Touching objects or surfaces (such as door handles or tables) contaminated from a cough or sneeze from a person with a confirmed infection, and then touching your mouth or face.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other colds and flus and include:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing

While coronavirus is of concern, it is important to remember that most people displaying these symptoms are likely suffering with a cold or other respiratory illness – not coronavirus.

Which sources of information should I trust?

It is important to ensure you get information from official sources. As this pandemic is changing daily, please continue to monitor the pages listed below. We will also continue to update the community through our website and Facebook.

HealthyWA page

State Government Coronavirus page

Federal Department of Health page

I have COVID - Fact Sheet

Primary School Kids and COVID - Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Fact Sheet - Children 

COVID-19 Vaccination Fact Sheet

Roll up for WA campaign 

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important measure to keep WA safe and healthy, and will help protect yourself, your family and the community. 

We’ve all worked together to keep Western Australia one of the safest places in the world.

To protect our lifestyle in the Shire of Ashburton, there’s one more thing we need to do. We need to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated for COVID-19 to protect our families, friends and community.

You can now go online and register for your vaccination appointment.

Information on who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine is available on the Roll up for WA website.

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can go to a COVID-19 vaccination community clinic, your local GP or pharmacy. 

A full list of vaccination clinics in WA is available on the HealthyWA website.

Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 16 years old and over can now get vaccinated.

Book your appointment online through VaccinateWA or call 13 COVID (13 26843) between 8am-6pm, seven days a week.

You can speak to your local Aboriginal Medical Service or GP if you have any questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The following information is available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: