Public Tender Register

2020 Public Tender Register

RFT 23.20 Total Waste Management Services (including Class IV Waste Facility Operations)

RFT 22.20 - Onslow Class IV Landfill Leachate Management System

RFT 21.20 - Pest Manangment and Termite Inspections

RFT 20.20 - Construction of Phase 2 Civil Works, Ocean View Caravan Park, Onslow, WA

RFT 19.20 - 2021 Passion of the Pilbara Festival – Event Management Services, Onslow WA

RFT 18.20 - Fire Equipment Inspection, Testing and Servicing

RFT 17.20 - Design and Construction of Ocean View Caravan Park Stage 2 Transportable Buildings,
Onslow, WA 

RFT 16.20 - Onslow Airport Airside Civil Works Package

RFT 15.20 - Tom Price Sports Oval Lighting

RFT 14.20 - Supply and delivery of Grader (WALGA Preferred Supplier)

RFT 12.20 - Construction of Services Headworks, South Road, Tom Price

RFT 11.20 - Tom Price Childcare Centre Service Provider

RFT 10.20 - New Gym and Childcare Upgrade, Onslow, WA

RFT 09.20 - Tom Price Childcare Centre Design and Construct

RFT 08.20 - Electrical Servicing to Shire of Ashburton Facilities and Houses

RFT 07.20 - Design and Construction of Karingal Neighbourhood Centre Re-Roofing, Paraburdoo WA

RFT 06.20 - Redevelopment of Tom Price Tennis Club, Tom Price WA

RFT 05.20 - Project Management Consultancy Services

RFT 04.20 - Refurbishment Works of Shire Staff Housing -Tom Price and Paraburdoo WA

RFT 03.20 - Supply, Installation and Service Agreement of Airport Passenger Screening Equipment, Onslow WA

RFT 02.20 - Supply and Delivery of One (1) Grader CCF Class 15

RFT 01.20 - Greening Ashburton Irrigation Works