Community Support Grants

Community Support Grants

Applications for the Community Support Grant, Round One 2019/2020 in now open for six weeks and close on 31 August 2019, with projects commencing after October.

Applicants can apply more than once each financial year as long as the total amount is less than $2,500. This includes cash and in kind support such as donated venue hire.

Late applications will not to be considered

Applications may include the following: Community based activities/programs; regional sporting events or championships; club participation in regional/state championships; club equipment; professional sports or community development such as clinics, courses and seminars; facility development and maintenance; individual sports or education scholarship for regional/state/national/international competition participation; community events; other purposes assessed on broad community benefit.

What Cannot Be Applied For: Assistance for administrative and day-to-day running of groups and organisations; individual or club uniforms; consumables; alcohol; catering; incidentals; meals and the like.

Who Can Apply: Not-for-profit incorporated associations/organisations. An eligible incorporated association may auspice a non-incorporated group however the maximum amount of $2,500 will be available in one financial year to the overarching association including auspiced amounts.

Eligible applicants who have received a Small Assistance Donation are also able to apply for a Community Support Grant, providing it is not for the same purpose or cumulatively exceed $2,500.

Who is Ineligible: Unincorporated associations that are not auspiced by an incorporated association; applicants that have received Signature Event or Major Event/Projects funding.

Other Requirements:

If an incorporated organisation has chosen to auspice a non-incorporated group a letter of permission from the incorporated body must be submitted with the application.  Applications on the template provided by the Shire are to be completed in full by an Officer Bearer.

Successful applicants must submit an acquittal report, using the template provided by the Shire, within three months of the completion of the event/activity, containing:

i. An evaluation of the event/activity.

ii. Proof that the grant was expended according to the approved application (including receipts and photographic evidence).

iii. Evidence that the Shire funding was appropriately acknowledged (e.g.logo on promotional posters, photos, social media posts)

Approval Process: Applications are initially assessed by Shire Officers for eligibility, then workshopped with Council and formally considered for award at the following Council Meeting. This process may take up to eight weeks.  Council will make a provision in the budget annually for Community Support Grants, the total provision will be divided equally between the four towns to be distributed over two grant rounds. Should Council deem necessary, unallocated funds may be redistributed.

How to submit an application

Please ensure you have the following information before you commence the online application as you will be unable to save your application and complete it at a later time.

  • Public Liability insurance company, expiry date and policy number
  • Incorporation number
  • Bank account details
  • Previous funding details from the SoA for the last 3 years
  • Project details including-dates, description, other groups you are working with and benefits to the community
  • Income including –Cash and In Kind, from your organisation, other grant providers and amount requested from the SoA
  • Expenditure including quotes where applicable (in digital format to upload)
  • Name of the authorised representative from your organisation

Fill in the online application form below: 

For more information or assistance contact Dee Walkington, Administration Officer -Community Services
D: 9181 3304 | E:

Alternatively you can contact your local Club Development Officer via

Supporting Reference Documents



  1. Previous Funding

  2. Please provide details of the previous funding

  3. Details of Project

    Related to this funding application

  4. Please provide details of the project for which this funding would be used.

  5. Please describe how the community will benefit from your project or activity.

  6. Please list other groups or organisations you will be working with to plan and implement your project or activity.

  7. Project Income

  8. This application

  9. This application

  10. Specify in detail what you are seeking by way of IN KIND support from the Shire. eg Bin hire, venue hire, light tokens

  11. What is your organisations contributing IN-KIND

  12. What is your organisations contributing CASH

  13. Please list any other grant applications either being submitted or already submitted for the project

  14. Project Expenses

  15. (You will be asked to attach supporting quotations and documents)

  16. Please upload supporting quotes and documentation for the expenditure of your project

  17. Upload any other relevant documents

  18. Declaration

  19. I have read and understood the Funding Guidelines in Section 1 of this application and declare that;*

* denotes a required field.

Last updated: 30 July 2019